Disappearance of kerf offset setting in version Lightburn 1.5.06 on Linux

After an update to LightBurn version 1.5.06 on Linux, the kerf offset setting has disappeared.
Do you have experimented the same issue ?
And found the way to fix this problem ?

Best regards,

I create my projects at a Mac in the office and send the drawings/projects over LAN to my work computer in the workshop. It is an old Dell PC with Linux Ubuntu 20.04. I have not experienced the problem you describe, on no version of Lightburn, my Aktual Version is 1.7 Beta.
You can very easily roll your update back, just replace the non -functioning version, with an older version, no deinstall needed.
Can you make a test file (with kerf setting) and send it for inspection here to us?

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First of all, thanks a lot for feedback and your tip,
I gonna try as soon as possible this way and then make a feed back on this thread of discussion.

Have a nice evening bernd.dk

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