Discinnects when starting a job


Im using a K40
Cohesion3D Board
Win7 on laptop

when i surch for my laser the software doesnt find it but i can set manually

I can move around I can home the machine it goes to back left like it should

when i start a burn it draws the outline then disconnects
then reconnects i can move around again

same every time

any ideas

If your project is just an outline, like a text outline or one or more vector shapes, depending on the settings, the outline may be expected.

A screen capture of your art, along with the Cuts/Layers window might help us get the first few suggestions going in the right direction.

i dont see a link to upload a pic but i put one on a site of mine here is a link


well new advancement

I disconnected the plug with 24v G 5v and laser trigger it does not disconnect

i plugged it back in and just disconnected the laser trigger all works fine but as soon as it is hooked back uop it disconnects any ideas

im guessing bad power supply while running a job without the laser trigger connected it works fine and i decided to hit the laser test button and it shut down again

let me know if you have any other ideas im going to re check all wiring then order a new power supply

as long as i have the laser turned off from any point on off switch disconnecting from board or anything it seems to do everything

i have ordered a new power supply i even disconnected all cables from the cohesion board and hit the test button on the power supply and it still disconnected so we will see what happens next
it should be here Friday

What brand of usb cable do you recommend