Disconnecting imported lines

I create complicated models in Solidworks and then export the sheets as DXF. I then import to Lightburn and during that import process, many of the lines auto-connect. Usually this is a good things for connecting the larger shapes for cutting, however a lot of the inner detail is etched instead of cut. The result is that I need to pick just one section of a line, and change it to an etch instead of a cut. Is there any way to “Disconnect” some lines that have been auto-connected during the import process?

Here is a photo of an example. The blue curve needs to be etched but the squares need to be cut. When I select the middle curve, it also selects the left square, and I cannot seem to find a way to disconnect the 2 shapes.

Break Apart will disconnect these shapes. You can then join the sections you want and allow you to move the desired section to another layer.

That is exactly it! Thank you!

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