Disconnecting Issue Fixed but another qestion

Im using the newest version of LightBurn and GRBL Openbuilds Black Box with GRBL controller. I was having problems with any time I hit stop on the laser control it would disconnect the control box. I noticed that $13 Report Inches, Boolean was set to MM’s instead of Inches. I have Light Burn set up in Inches.

Once I changed $13 in GRBL to 1 for Inches my disconnecting problem went away. Now if I hit stop in the laser control it goes back to Ready instead of Disconnecting my control Box. Great got that fixed, but I have one other issue I cant figure out. When I home my laser with LightBurn home button and look at the red cross hair its wat down in the lower left below 0,0 (see screen shot). I would think when you home the machine the it would go back to 0,0. The other thing I noticed it the coordinates are way off see Pic top right. I need some input on this one please!!
console screenshot after I home
After Homing in Lightburn|690x380

The crosshair position is because your machine is reporting coordinates in machine space ($10=1), not workspace ($10=0).

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