Display issue in Windows 11 for LB software?


This may be a bug or a design issue, I don’t know.

Working on a kerf test card and am getting conflicting views on the screen in LB and preview.

LB Screen view.

And here is the preview screen.

Framing is different for some reason.

Can anyone explain this? If it is a file issue, can you tell me how to fix it?

This is a third party fiel BTW.

If this is for kerf testing then the difference in view in Preview is likely a result of the kerf settings.

No kerf settings have been set.
I have made no changes because I haven’t got to that point as of yet.

Why the rounded corners and why is the frame not touching the lines as on the screen as it is meant to be?

You have not set them or no kerf settings are enabled for the layers? I’d suggest explicitly double-checking as that’s the most likely explanation.

If not that, can you share the file for review? If this is a commercial file then send with a direct message.

OK, now I am confused???
this is a test to find the KERF SIZE. Why would I add a kerf setting that I do not have yet?

I don’t even know where to look for this kerf setting?

Kerf offset is in the cut/layer settings. Double click any layer to open settings.

Did you build this file from scratch? If not, it could have almost anything lurking in the dark recesses.

I re-created the image from scratch and it still the same in preview.
No rounded corners on screen. But it is there in preview.
This is not making any sense?

I just changed the color from the color pallet to BLK #1 from the RED #2 and the preview is correct now.

And I’m really confused now.

Likely because RED #2 has a kerf offset applied at the layer. Double-click the layer settings to confirm.

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Confirmed! You hit it exactly right. Thanks.

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