Display on Laser not showing cut image

I have the Omtech ZF2028 60 W laser with Ruida KT32N controller. I am running latetest Lightburn software. I send my files to the laser using the USB cable. When I send a file over the preview does not show on the controller display. It cuts correctly showing progress and the red line moving. Is there a setting to get this to display my image? Also when it is sent over is there a way to make controller beep showing file was sent completed.

If I can clarify, when you send an ‘job’ to the Ruida.

With the Ruida control panel, you select the correct file and it does not display on the Ruida screen?

Mine shows the graphic loading to completion. At this point I have the ‘art’ on the display.

If I do anything else that needs the display with the control panel, the image is gone.

I know of no settings to control this…


I send the job over. Lightburn shows file sent. No image of design shows on the ruida display but the file is there. I press run and it runs the job showing the progress bar and the red line within the display whrre its currently cutting

If you see the file in the Ruida console file memory and select it, it should show the artwork.

I don’t know what else can control that.


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