Display orientation on the computer screen


I’m having issues getting my project to display correctly on the computer screen.

It displays correctly, when I go into Edit > Device Settings and set the origin to the top left corner. Like others, when doing this, my laser cuts backwards.

Changing the origin to any other position, including the top right corner, which matches my laser, cause the image to be upside down, reversed, etc. in the computer screen.

How do I change this, so that my laser cuts correctly and the image is displayed correctly on the computer screen?

I did this in RDWorks and had this up and running in five minutes. I’m spent hours trying to figure this out in Lightburn. I feel, I must be overlooking something.


OMTech with Ruida controller.

If you have a design up on the screen, and then go in and flip the device origin, it will flip the design on the screen, as the design is put on the screen from the device origin point. You need to set the device origin to the correct corner that it needs to be at, then create your design files. If you have files that were saved from a different device origin, you will need to flip them around accordingly when you open them as they were saved with a different origin.



I think that solved my problem. I did several searches and kept finding info on how to set the origin, but didn’t expect it to change my display and didn’t see anything telling me how to do that. :frowning:

Thanks for your help and the quick response!

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