Distance in Move Tab?

In the move tab if I click on the Distance down arrow till I get 0.000 then click on the up arrow I get 0.3937 for move distance. Where does this number come from ?

Looks like an inch to millimeter conversion: 0.3937 inch = 10 mm.

Switching the UI display units between inches & millimeters seems to leave physical distances unchanged while converting to the new units. If the increment distance was 10 mm with the display in metric units, then it’ll be 0.3937 inch with the display in Murrican: same distance, different units.

I see what you mean. Can this increment be changed? In mm mode it goes from 10 to 20mm…

I think these can be changed here… I know it works when I move a shape with the arrow keys… Doesn’t seem to relate to the tool bar size up/down arrows.


It seems to have no effect. It seems to only change in 10mm increments or the inch equivalents.

Good question…

I think we’ll have to wait… I think most are enjoying Memorial Day weekend.


:smiley: me too. Thanks for your response.

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