Distance selection in "Move"

Does anyone understand what the “Distance” variable in the MOVE section is for? I’m trying to get my laserhead to the home position faster, and I know that the speed should do it, but it seems to be the same regardless of what speed I select. What does the Distance selection do by increasing or decreasing the number?

Distance is = How much shall i travle on 1 click of the direction buttons
Speed is = How FAST shall i travel that distance

Homing speed is usually dictated by Firmware, not by lightburn

$24 - Homing feed, mm/min

The homing cycle first searches for the limit switches at a higher seek rate, and after it finds them, it moves at a slower feed rate to home into the precise location of machine zero. Homing feed rate is that slower feed rate. Set this to whatever rate value that provides repeatable and precise machine zero locating.

$25 - Homing seek, mm/min

Homing seek rate is the homing cycle search rate, or the rate at which it first tries to find the limit switches. Adjust to whatever rate gets to the limit switches in a short enough time without crashing into your limit switches if they come in too fast.


Thank you so much for the info and prompt response. Great insight.

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