Distorsion when importing .svg

Hi there,

I’ve seen there are some people having issues importing .svg but nothing matches my problem.

I have done an svg using a web based design program called Canva. When I import the svg from it the text gets messed up as shown.

I’m unable to upload the original svg file. I hope there are enough hints to diagnose it.

Thank you in advance!

I can not really use your information to find out what is wrong with your svg file. But your screenshot is so large and has a very fine resolution so it is very easy to trace. I know it is not the solution to your problem but in those circumstances it is a quick and acceptable solution, I think.

helmi.lbrn2 (194.7 KB)

Fair enough, it’s a solution but not what I was looking for as I specifically paid the monthly subscription to get the svg and make my life easier :sweat_smile:

I appreciate your input though :wink:


is it not possible to save in another format?

Have just tried to make a design in Canva`s free version, there are several formats to choose from, but svg is for paying customers only.
Have you really given $ 120 / year for this program? In this case I hope you need that kind of design tool a lot and Canva can get your svg import problem solved. (they should be able to)

Lightburn does not support text entities in SVG files. Canva must be outlining the text (changing it from a text entity to vector line and arcs). You could try opening the SVG file in a program like Inkscape, and see if it looks the same as Lightburn. I would think it does, and it is a problem on the Canva SVG export. If you can export a hi res jpeg or png, do what Bernd suggested, at least for the text.

No, I haven’t given them $120. Since the svg feature is “premium” then I’ve tried it out on a monthly plan so I can cancel any time.

Here is the rest of the formats. I will try if there is a better quality to trace it sharply.


Thank you RalphU, that make sense. I hhave tried to import it to InkScape and it imports it as Canva shows, therefore I guess it’s a problem of LB. I’ve tried to export the svg from inkscape to see if it magically solves the problem but still the same. I even tried to export it as an DXF and doesn’t help.

I’ll check your suggestion and see if it traces sharply the jpeg or png. :wink:

I donwloaded a PNG (361kb) and since it’s B&G then it traced quite well. Still not sure if it’s worth this money… I’m just not good on graphic design… Anyone knows a better option or software? Thank you everyone!

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