Distorsion when importing .svg

Hi there,

I’ve seen there are some people having issues importing .svg but nothing matches my problem.

I have done an svg using a web based design program called Canva. When I import the svg from it the text gets messed up as shown.

I’m unable to upload the original svg file. I hope there are enough hints to diagnose it.

Thank you in advance!

I can not really use your information to find out what is wrong with your svg file. But your screenshot is so large and has a very fine resolution so it is very easy to trace. I know it is not the solution to your problem but in those circumstances it is a quick and acceptable solution, I think.

helmi.lbrn2 (194.7 KB)

Fair enough, it’s a solution but not what I was looking for as I specifically paid the monthly subscription to get the svg and make my life easier :sweat_smile:

I appreciate your input though :wink:


is it not possible to save in another format?

Have just tried to make a design in Canva`s free version, there are several formats to choose from, but svg is for paying customers only.
Have you really given $ 120 / year for this program? In this case I hope you need that kind of design tool a lot and Canva can get your svg import problem solved. (they should be able to)

No, I haven’t given them $120. Since the svg feature is “premium” then I’ve tried it out on a monthly plan so I can cancel any time.

Here is the rest of the formats. I will try if there is a better quality to trace it sharply.


Thank you RalphU, that make sense. I hhave tried to import it to InkScape and it imports it as Canva shows, therefore I guess it’s a problem of LB. I’ve tried to export the svg from inkscape to see if it magically solves the problem but still the same. I even tried to export it as an DXF and doesn’t help.

I’ll check your suggestion and see if it traces sharply the jpeg or png. :wink:

I donwloaded a PNG (361kb) and since it’s B&G then it traced quite well. Still not sure if it’s worth this money… I’m just not good on graphic design… Anyone knows a better option or software? Thank you everyone!

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