Distorted image on laser screen

I’m having some trouble engraving lately. When I send an image to the laser it display jagged. See attached. I’m using vector files that render fine in LightBurn. It doesn’t seem to matter which vector I send over. The image engrave ok but there are more gaps between the lines than normal. Not a huge amount but enough to make the lines noticeable. I’m not sure when this started. I’m also attaching the LightBurn file I sent to the machine.

cog.lbrn (46.4 KB)

My machine is a ThunderLaser Nova 35 100w

I don’t see any issues here. I did not run it. Here is my 6442 console


Your image is clear mine is distorted any ideas why?

Full moon?

Sorry, couldn’t resist… Really I have no idea unless you have some kind of problem with your keypad/display.

I have a 6442, looks like yours.

I did notice that mine says 2x on the bottom and yours says 1x. Clueless as to the meaning. Maybe runs, but I didn’t run yours…


Anybody have an idea on why this is happening?

The 1 and 2 are the count.

X:0 Y:0 is the current head location coordinates

Except I didn’t run it…


This is due to two things.

  1. The jagged edges are from the scan offset values you have in lightburn. This is so when your engraving at high speeds the alignment is correct when it’s engraving left to right and right to left.

  2. If there is more of a gap between the engraving lines you need to adjust your engraving dpi to a higher number. This typically will vary depending on what material you are engraving on.

Thanks! So, that’s why the image still engraves properly. I’ll adjust my DPI settings.

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