Distortion d'image

How to solve image distortion _ Y axes
a circle becomes oval and the square stretches on the height.
I retightened the training courois but it didn’t improve anything.
Thanks for your help

First measure the height and width of the square and compare vs the design in LightBurn. Which dimension is off? I think you’re saying it’s Y-axis.

Is the burned dimension shorter or longer than expected. I’m going to guess that it’s shorter. I believe your Atomstack laser does not allow for configuration changes to be written so I’m going to assume you have a mechanical issue causing shorter lines. If your lines are not shorter then please correct me.

  1. Check that your belts are not overtensioned. If they are too tight it can cause this type of situation.
  2. Check that the wheels holding the gantry to the Y-axis are not overtightened. They should be tight enough just so that the gantry is held securely but not where the gantry is binding. You can change the wheel height by adjusting the eccentric nuts that are located between the wheel and the bracket holding the wheel.

Check that your laser head moves freely and easily across all corners of the machine by hand with very light force. There should be no binding or excess force required.

Thank you for your answer, we have rechecked the belt, the tightening of the screws, etc.
The distortion remains the same.
For a square of 15/15 mm the distortion is 2mm on the Y axis (height) same for the circle.
We will continue to find out the problem. Thanks if you have any other suggestions.

Is the measured height shorter or longer than expected?

Also, check $100, $101 in Edit->Machine Settings. What are these values?

I don’t suspect the issue is the configuration in your case but these values can be calibrated to tune distance if required. However, I don’t think these changes will persist on Atomstack lasers.

Have you changed belts, pulleys, or stepper motor before this issue started?

yes i solved my problem…
I’ve had my laser engraver for two weeks, and I’m trying to figure out each function. I therefore had to activate the rotation option in the laser parameters.
Thank you for your help and I hope my problem will help the forum community.

Can you describe what this is and what you had to do?

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