Distortion on Y axis

We are having trouble with distortion. The Y axis is elongated and stretched out the image and the X does not. It happened on it’s own…any suggestions why this could happen. We are new to the program and laser. Thanks!

Did you use a rotary last job? If so, then the settings need to be set back to flat work.

Yes we did and I bet that is it! Thanks!!!

I use the rotary, and when I go back to the normal laser I have no problems.
Are the guides smudged with smoke?

Hi GioCad,

I am helping tracyle27 with the laser and I am teaching myself as I go and don’t know all the technical terms for the parts of the laser. what part of the machine are you referring to when you say “guides”?

Tracks, rails …
The rail of the x and y axes

The tracks are clean, and I fixed the issue, the y axis needed to be calibrated.

Thanks for the help!!

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