Distortion problems with engraving!

REALLY NEED HELP: I’m having very weird distortion problems with a design I’m trying engrave. At first I thought it was due to engraving on a flat glass vase, but I’m getting the same (or similar) distortion when I test the engraving on flat wood. I created my artwork in Adobe illustrator and exported it as an SVG file. Brought it into light burn and everything looks perfect. Triple checked my vector lines and nodes and all is well (one single group also). However when I actually run the file it distorts all to hell. Haven’t had this issue before and I cannot figure out whats going on for the life of me. Power set to 20% @ 225mm/s. OMTECH 80w CO2 with latest version of Lightburn running on Mac OS Big Sur. Connection via Ethernet.


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I’ll take a look at that. But surely that wouldn’t cause the major distortion like I’m getting though. Should be circular instead of wonky egg shaped (overall).

Nope. Don’t even have a rotary.

If you run a few test shapes (simple squares and circles), at different speeds, do you see similar distortion? I might also test the same using a different software to see if it is LightBurn related. Do you see this distortion with any other files? Is this new behavior, meaning have you been able to run jobs successfully before? If so, what has changed since then?

Distortion is happening in different locations from what you are showing, so this looks mechanical to me. What is the exact Ruida model number and firmware used to drive this unit?

After doing a little more research I found an article that helped me solve my problem. I went into my Machine settings in light burn and toggled OFF “PWM Rising Edge Valid” for my X axis. Issue resolved! Weird that’s never been an issue for me before.


This totally saved me today, thank you for posting how you fixed it!!

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