"Dithering" at the outlines of every Form

Hey Everyone!
I have an little issue with my lightburn (test mode) and the Ortur Laser Master 2 20w.

The picture should give you more information about my problem than words.

Near the outline of the form is another line with the exact form of the outline of my object. on both sides.
But between the “real” outline and the letter “A” is no other line.

Any ideas where this is coming from?! I am struggling here very hard.

The speed / power settings are 1400mm/min and 35% power.

Are you doing bi-directional scanning, and do you have overscanning on or off?

That is most likely mechanical “bounce” - it’s variation in the movement caused by the rapid direction change and the belts vibrating for a moment. Try turning up the overscan amount (or turn it on if you don’t have it enabled). Adjusting the belt tension a little may help too.

Hey! I think this could be an solution for my problem! I will test that and give you feedback.

Best regards

Thanks for your help!

And i have to say this - i’m a trial user with low experience on my (first) laser cutter. But this Software and its ideas and the support is just awesome! you made a fantastic job with lightburn!

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