DIY 40W CO2 build (still in process) - external relay controls

some suggested posting pics of my build so here is a post with labeled pics

ebay 40W rebuild
850mm x 770mm x 150mm - adjustable z axis
Arduino Mega shield i designed for modified 6 axis GRBL version with 4 additional relay controls
i’m slowing working on a auto-level setup to use also through macro button setup (hopefully)

i can control the following through g-code commands…
M7 mist
M8 coolant
M9 mist/coolant off
M85 ext realy 1 on/off toggle
M86 ext realy 2 on/off toggle
M87 ext realy 3 on/off toggle
M88 ext realy 4 on/off toggle
M89 all ext relay off

not sure how to upload vid showing z axis working and to show external relay commands working through commands

laser control - dirty and needs reworked once cover goes on

same board for cnc

rotary design


Thanks for the pictures … we all love them…

Nice rotary too…


Well thank you