DIY 50W Machine, Fill Problems

I am very new to the world of CNC machines, and have just “finished” building my own laser cutter. I’ll start with machine specs.

Now, on to my issue. I have worked out many of the issues with the GRBl settings, but my biggest problem is related to either acceleration, M3 vs M4 on GRBL, controller speed, min power… I am not sure. I can cut out shapes just fine with the “line” setting and have a program that determines the max speed I can cut with. I try doing similar with a “fill” or “fill+line”, and I get weird results.
Birch Ply
I am hoping this is a software issue with a setting in lightburn, but after some reading, I am really afraid this is a controller/hardware issue. For the software settings:

And GRBL settings:
Grbl 1.1g [’$’ for help]
[MSG:’$H’|’$X’ to unlock]
[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]

Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated!

What does this mean, exactly…“weird results”? What did you set, what did you expect and what are the results. I am not sure what I am looking at with your pix, so a bit more info please.

These should be evenly spaced, filled squares to narrow down laser settings. They get progressively wider as power increases. Speed is constant between them. Does that help?

I think this is showing the issue more clearly:

Your lines aren’t lining up between scans. If they’re close enough together it just looks like a light band, then a dark band, and a light band again. Spaced out a bit further and you can see that the odd and even lines aren’t starting or ending at the same point. This is usually mechanical - slop in the motion system components like belts, bearings, pulleys, etc. It can also be a delay in the electronics, though that’s usually only visible at pretty high speeds.

Try a few samples at different speeds using a larger interval amount so you can see the individual lines. If you’ve already checked all the physical stuff, look at adding scanning offset entries to the device settings:

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