DIY Accent Light using Lightburn

(Eirik) #1

I wanted to share a fun project I created using lightburn and my CNC. I created an accent light/nightlight out of red oak and acrylic

It was a fun project to put together and lightburn really helped with getting the acrylic cut accurately. I used a .155 kerf offset to maintain dimensional accuracy inside lightburn but that will depend on your own laser settings. The making of video can be seen at

If I was going to make the entire project with a laser cutter I would recommend dropping the 3/4 oak in favor of multiple pieces of 1/4" panel bonded together as being cut.

Also the project files and material list can be seen at

(Oz) #2

This is a cool project - I like things that are simple, but functional and pretty.

One minor detail I noticed in the video - when you created the cuts, you used two different settings, one for the outer edge and one for the inner, but that’s not usually necessary. LightBurn handles kerf using the same offset engine as the “Offset” tool, and it automatically determines inside / outside edges and offsets accordingly:

The object being offset is shown dotted, using outward kerf:

… and again using inward:

Notice that the new vectors are adjusted in the appropriate direction, and this means that you don’t have to manually remember to do inside / outside sorting. (I noticed you cut the outside shape first, which occasionally results in the part dropping and missing or misaligning the inside cut).

Not in any way intended as a critique - I think most people just don’t know the system is smart enough to do this for you. (it can fail if you have ‘surface mark’ vectors in between your shapes)

(Eirik) #3

Thanks @LightBurn! The information about the offset definitely will simplify some of my future cuts. I love the software, the more I keep using lightburn the more gems I keep uncovering.

I actually did cut the initial pieces inside then out, but I had a camera issue so reshot and somehow flipped my cuts. But yeah I think the second piece actually was slightly deformed because of the order of operations.

(Ivan) #4

Hello! It seems to me that the author has a super power, I just don’t imagine how it is possible to do it! I just started to learn this program. Before that, I used only Paint) I would watch your lessons on YouTube or another source. If there is such a share a link. Good luck!

(Eirik) #5

@Ylit I would be happy to explain further if you can let me know what specifically you are having trouble with.