DIY GRBL Laser CNC help setting up

Here is the testing that I have done this morning.I don’t have limit switches, but when type on the command G0 X0 Y0 the machine go to the rear right,
on G0 X10 Y10 it move away from the workspace, When I tell it to move to the origin,
it move to the left front and the position read X-394 Y-381

My work space is X394 and Y381 mm

Do I need to createWorkspace Offset: Do I need to create a macro G10 L2 X-394 Y-381?

Here are some attachment filesWaiting for connection…


Waiting for connection…

Port opened, waiting for response.

Grbl 1.1f [’$’ for help]



If you don’t have limit switches the machine origin will usually be wherever the head is when you power up. You can also move the head using the jog buttons, and then type G92 X0 Y0 to reset the machine origin to the current spot.

Thanks, I will do that in the morning.

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