DIY Laser Cutter Starter Kit

I recently finished some major upgrades on my OMTech 80-watt CO2 laser and I’m selling the parts I replaced plus some other stuff I had from previous machines.

Specs and pic of the machine I upgraded can be found here.

Lot incudes:

Complete XY gantry set including motors, belts, 25mm mirror mounts and laser head sized for 20mm lens… Profiled linear rails on all axes. External measurements are 1070mm x 810mm. This gantry was functioning perfectly and was removed as an assembly - never been taken apart.

Square steel tube support frame for honeycomb bed - measures 680mm x 1020mm.

Steel honeycomb bed - measures 710mm x 1025mm.

Z-axis lift mechanism - includes screws with sprockets and mounting plates, drive chain, motor with drive sprocket and mounting bracket and stepper driver for motor.

Two identical additional stepper drivers for X and Y axes,

Cloudray adjustable laser tube mounts. Adjustable from 50mm to 80mm tube, microadjustable height and slotted mounting holes for horizontal adjustment.

Second set of Z-axis motion parts (from a previous machine). Includes screws with sprockets and mounting plates, drive chain and motor with drive sprocket.

More pics here.

This is local pickup only, in southwest Missouri, ZIP 65807.

Asking $300 for the lot.

Price lowered to an insane $250. Someone needs this!

You could use the gantry by itself for a diode laser setup or even a drag-bit engraver.

Any desire to ship it? I have an idea for the parts.

Honestly, no. The rails are too big and I’d really rather not have to take it apart and pack it all. If I can’t get it sold on a pick-up basis I’ll probably turn it into a big diode setup or maybe just a diamond drag bit engraver.

I’d be willing to ship the smaller parts - everything below the third picture.

I have a friend in MO, just trying to see how close he is to you.

But yeah, the gantry would be a pain in the /verybadword/ to ship safely.