DIY laser stepper motor getting hot

I have have a issue with the x stepper motor getting hot was wondering if there is any where to change a voltage setting my other DYI laser motor run cool to the touch. Was thinking is there maybe a setting in the GRBL firmware? I will post a link to the control board im running on this DYI setup.
Thanks for any help and tips.

Stepper motors by their very nature run hot. The reason it is the X motor getiing the hottest is when you are engraving it is constantly moving, where as the Y motor does very little work. I would not worry about the motor getting hot, it is the way they operate. :slight_smile:

True but even when it sitting idle the x is hot and y are cool i even engraved vertically thinking less movement of x but still hot its the sitting idle is what im more concerned about.

Stepper motors have a “hold” when stopped, they resist movement. That also cause them to heat up.

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