DLC32 M4 does not work

Hello everybody. I bought an MKS DLC32 V2.1 board and at first I managed to configure everything ok, motors move correctly, but I can only make the laser work with M3… if I configure M4, the message “unsupported command” appears… laser is on ($32=1). Does anyone know how I solve this?

What firmware are you running on the board?

How do I see it?

Is this the firmware that came with the board or did you load a firmware?

Can you run this from Console and return results?

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Sorted out. I downloaded a .bin file and the tool from MKS itself. Now all working ok.
Thank you for your attention.

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Please post a link to the firmware that is working for you.
This may be of great benefit to others with the same hardware.

I tried two… both worked. I think the difference is the type of TFT coupled (which I don’t use)

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