Do I have a Bad Tube?

I’ve had my 60 watt Omtech laser for about 3 months. Usage at the high end is 40 hours/week. I rarely go above 30% power.

About 2 weeks ago, I began having an issue cutting 3.2mm baltic birch. My mirrors are clean and aligned perfectly. The focus is correct and confirmed by a ramp test at 5mm. The lens is brand new.

In the process of trying to eliminate possibilities, I re-ran mirror alignment and saw what is shown on my pulse target at mirror1. I believe this shows that my tube is not in TEM00 mode. Am I correct? If so, should I look to Omtech to furnish a replacement?



I’d say you are correct… the only fix is a new tube.


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When you wrote about this subject a while back, I did not completely understand but I went back last night and looked at 5he pictures, ran my test and the light went on.

Thank you¡


Would it be appropriate for Omtech to replace this one, considering it’s usage?

Also, when I install a new tube and if I find that it is not TEM00, Can I assume the manufacturer will take it back?


If you have only had your machine for 3 months and you have not run the tube without water cooling, OMT should replace the tube without much discussion. Some suppliers demand that you destroy the old tube and send something as proof, but I don’t think OMT is one of them.
I just think you were unlucky and got a bad tube, hopefully you’ll be up and running again soon.

Thanks Bernd. I have a chiller for the tube.

I just received word from Omtech that they will send me a replacement tube.

I jumped the gun a bit; I just received a Cloudray tube from Amazon. Should I return this? I’ve not unpacked yet.



Contact Amazon ASAP and request a return.

Many won’t allow a tube to be returned, you will have to look at the sites policy. I assume you paid for one of them?


I bought it on Amazon.I already took to UPS and got a refund.

It will be next week before I see my replacement. I hope this solves the problem.

Thanks for your help!

We can close this thread and get on with work.


Close it when you’re tubes in and working :crossed_fingers:

If you created a thread, you can solve it…


Yes Sir! Thanks again for your help.

I am starting to have problems cutting thru 3mm Maple plywood that I used to be able to cut.

I used to cut at 5 mm/sec at 45%. Now I am now at 4 mm/sec at 75% and sometimes have to go around twice to cut thru.

I have aligned my laser and cleaned the mirrors.

I have 300 hours on my tube. Is it time to replace the tube?


Another thread should provide all the diagnostic tests you need to answer that question:

If you need more help, please start another thread so we can concentrate on your specific situation.

Yes, indeed it is. Jack had helped me reach the conclusion that my tube was not in TEM00 mode. Omtech has agreed to replace it and I will receive it on Wednesday. Hopefully this takes care of my long standing issues.



Since I’ve not done it before, I’ve been watching YouTube videos on tube replacement. OMTech says to mount 1/2 to 3/4 inch from mirror 1. My old tube is 1 3/4 inch. Suggestions?


It really doesn’t matter. Mine has a smaller tube and is quite a distance from M1… In some cases, if the tube is to be supported, it has to sit in both cradles and you don’t have a choice.

It has to make it to m3 then go down the lens tube… This small amount of distance isn’t going to really effect it’s operation.

The ideal place is above the head pointing to the lens, bypassing all mirros and making the distance as short as possible… However this is pretty much an impossible task… Do the best you can :grimacing:

Good luck


Thanks Jack.

Problem Solved.



Did the replacement tube fix the issue?