Do i need to change any of these settings? Kinda a noob at this
















































I could just be getting the speed and power setting wrong as well, any advise for wood photo engraving with a 20w 5w optical, diode laser?

You haven’t stated a goal or a problem so it’s impossible to say if you need to change any settings.

Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to achieve or what problem you’re experiencing?

Ok, I’m also a noob, but … Is this really what you have? 10,000 seems way to high! most likely it should be 1000 from my understanding. (or if your grbl version is old, 255.)

10,000 is fairly common on machines that do double duty as CNC routers since 10,000 RPM is a typical target spindle speed. The specific number in this case isn’t as important as making sure that the value for “S Value Max” in Device Settings matches this value.

For laser use, S values don’t indicate an absolute value. $30 defines the value used to indicate 100%. $31 defines the lowest addressable power value. Values specified in g-code between 0 and $30 represent the fractional power value equivalent to the power % specified. As an example, 50% of 0 to 10000 would be 5000. So S5000 represents 50% power for a system where $30=10000. Similarly 50% power would be represented by S500 when $30=1000.

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