Do I need to reset work space?

I was attempting to connect, adjust settings and use the Chuck Rotary … here’s where it gets kind of foggy …

Due to an unknown cause the laser head took off to the right (as I’m facing) the machine and before I could stop it’s movement it pulled the belt out of the clamp. At this point I have no idea why it did this …So I disconnected the Rotary and turned off every toggle that is required to be turned on the use the Rotary and I learned how to reconnect the belt. Once done I powered it up and it heads off to home in the back right corner as usual but it now appears to have lost it’s understanding of it’s boundaries … where it used to stop smoothly on it’s own it now tries to beat it’s self to death and yank out the belt again … I’ve probably put the belt and clamp assy at the laser head back together 6-8 times.

As long as the laser is not allowed to hit the outer limits of it work space I can still cut / fill my work … that’s the good news.

How do I fix this fine mess? Ruida 6442s , latest version of LB 0.9.02 , Chinese 6040

Thank you !!!

Problem was the Limit Switches were out of position, working fine now.

This is the solution.

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