Do not cut the same after the update

after updating to the latest version i feel that it does not cut as well. Has to go down in speed, those round holes will not be round anymore. Calibrating with it does not help. the laser does not start and stop at the same spot in the holes. Have gone through the machine, belts, mirrors.

Ruida 6445

What did you update?
Lightburn or the firmware of your Ruida controller?

when I upgraded to the latest Lightburn.

Are you saying that your existing files need adjustment to the speed settings after the new release? And, in addition, the shape of objects in these existing and successfully cut files are not producing the same shaped results. Please show a picture comparing these 2 different outcomes.

Have you made any adjustments to the configuration of your controller? Any adjustments like lens replacement, beam alignment, general maintenance? I ask because we would be hearing a lot from customers if this was happening to others, and have not.

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