Do print and cut target locations matter where they are placed?

I am watching a 3 year old video on how to use print and cut. It makes sense so far but in the video he places the 2 targets outside of his work for obvious reasons. With my current project, I set the targets to the outside of my drawing and because of a few metal rails, I cant get an eye on the target when I test fire.

Can I place the 2 targets anywhere on the drawing if I don’t mind the surface getting the mark ? Here for example, I will be painting over these so I I can move the marks to a more central location, it would be a bit easier to see.

Yes, you can place the targets anywhere that you can acquire them later. It is best practice to have them as far apart physically as possible though. When they are too close together the margin for error increases.

You could determine where they will be and place tape there and burn at a low enough power that you mark the tape but not penetrate.