Do we have beam undragging tech in the works?

I’ve studied the mysterious “beam drag” problem extensively and now see a laser of any given power can actually cut about 15%-20% faster if some funky undragging techniques are implemented.

I saw the dwell at the end. I’m not sure what that’s for, that looks like it might have been an undragging solution but it’s missing the concept of dragging and does not help.

I did some extensive tests of undragging theories and, while a nightmare to set up manually, it was totally successful and allowed the system to run much faster.

OK, first off, does anyone know what I’m talking about? I observed it, it agrees with Russ Sadler’s observations, studied it extensively, and have some practical fixes for it. Most surprising is that the phenomenon is independent of the speed of cut. Even dot mode demonstrates drag. I’m still not settled on what the phenomenon actually is, but I do have it parameterized.

It does indeed allow consistent cuts at significantly faster rates than a machine of a given wattage can normally do. .

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