Do you YETI ? Where to buy?

Might be hooking up with an outfitter located near by me. I walked in today, and checked out most of their merch. Didn’t see one thing with their logo on it. Management wasn’t in for me to talk to, but I left my card. They had 20oz YETI tumbs for 35.00 each. 40oz for 38.00 each.

I’m wondering what their cost is? I may ask anyway. I guess I could offer them lasering services on them and just charge them for that. Wouldn’t mine that either. That would keep me from having to lay out $$$$ for tumblers.

I’m going to contact the girl over advertising tomorrow, and am going to work up some sample’s with their logo on it. When I one of the girls behind the counter of what I sell mine for, I got an eyebrow rise… which I like to see.

Is there a place where I can buy YEIT tumb’s at a wholesale price? Do you buy them directly from YETI? I did find this on Alibaba. YETI

I’m going to anneal some bottle openers, burn some cork and slate coaster, etc… with their logo on them today, and swing by and drop them off this week.

Does your rotary handle objects that big?

I got a PiBurn for my co2 that handles large mugs, but it’s a wheeled or roller rotary. My D80 chuck can’t really open up big enough to handle them.

I interchange both chuck and wheel for whatever works best for the co2 or fiber I’m using at the time…

I thought you had a fiber, your profile didn’t mention it…


Hello there Mista J… Hope your well today.
Yeah, I have both a fiber and CO2. It’s in my About Section.
Work for a small company in the I.T. area. Wood worker for a hobby. Wood bowls, pens, bottle openers, etc… Going to combine laser work into it.
I own a Monport 50w CO2, and a BWM 50w JPT Fiber.

I haven’t measured my rotary jaws for the 40oz to be honest.
I’m also unsure if they wanted me to use their tumbs, and just put on their logo, on how I would center them up. The YETI logo is the bottom.

This is my rotary for the CO2

My Rotary

For those tumbs, I want to use my FIBER. Much much quicker.

I would think that would work on both machines…