Document listing the factory layer settings values?

Mostly to satisfyy own curiosity… Is there a document or resource that lists the various layer settings default for a fresh install?

I have some layers with what I consider odd defaults and I’m curious if I made the changes, LB shipped with them, or some outside design I loaded for learning/testing changed them.

I can’t confirm it, but I also have the same feeling.

Settle in, kids, for grandpa’s story time!

I was doing some casual testing, using the built-in material test, on black-coated poster board and noticed at some speeds the black etched away nice leaving just the white. I thought, “hey, that could be useful!”, and proceeded to do some even MORE casual engrave testing. Used some of the cut settings that were close and dumped in a text layer using some random layer number (26?) that wasn’t already in use in an otherwise fairly extensive file (10 or 12 layers). Adjusted the default basic layer settings and started the job (selection only). I really didn’t look all that close, mea culpa. The layer had crosshatch turned on. I’m pretty confident I’ve never used that…but I am a “button pusher (what does this do?)” so I could have done and don’t remember.

Anyway, it went about its merry business cutting clear thru the poserboard in dramatic fashion, but leaving a nice beveled cut edge.

OK…obviously crosshatch needs to go and I also apparently have ramp enabled (also never used to my knowledge). Well, open settings and turn off cross hatch, and quickly untick the additional settings (I failed to read the actual button text. Doh! Mea Culpa, again!)

(Don’t do your testing when you’re pressed for time, kids!)

Run it again and it looks about as expected but the speed/power/interval aren’t quite right. Adjust and retry. Still working on just a plain Arial text object. Still not right. Why are some letters (“e” and “o” most obviously) not engraving right!?

I have had power control issues with this machine when speeds are high and power is low, so I automatically assumed it was firmware/hardware and decided it was time to see if I could adjust any of that out. Commence research/testing laser PWM settings, g-code clustering, DTR, etc. all the esoteric crap I never messed with.

Two days later. No improvement. Sigh. I guess I just can’t use this machine for delicate work.

No! I won’t give up that easy!

I decided to try a different font. Arial should be good to go, but…maybe? No change. E and O still have issues. They’re barely engraved around the closed loop sections. I mess with more settings, getting nowhere.

Finally, for the first time in this saga of idiocy, I open the preview and see it plain as day in front of me. The machine is doing exactly what Lightburn is telling it to. (Thankfully, I always use “shade according to power”) But Why is the power changing? Dig, dig, dig.

Reopen settings>additional and then I actually read and digest the button text. Disabling them doesn’t actually turn off the ramp function. I still had a value in the ramp distance. I zeroed that out and BAM the text engraved beautifully.

Sheesh. Never underestimate the true power of haste or complacency.

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Of course, no story is complete without a picture.

On a fresh install, every layer will have the exact same default settings, they are not all set differently. Below are what the defaults would have been. You can reset every layer to defaults by opening one layers cut settings editor, and clicking on “Reset to Default” followed by “Make Default for All” This would reset all layers to defaults.

If you then want those defaults to always load, you can go into Edit/Settings under the File Settings button and select “Load default layer settings on new or restart” This will force LightBurn to always load the default settings when you open it or start a new project. Any settings you have saved in your projects will load when you load the project file. This ensures you don’t get some odd settings saved in a project from a previous project in whatever layer, it will get saved with whatever you set them to for the project.



Like most I suspect, I installed LB and stumbled around blindly for several months before I got my feet under me. I only recently discovered the “load default” option, which I immediately enabled, but only the last day or two noticed my “defaults” were a wreck! My preference would be to have them all the same (apparently not alone there!), so you’ve taught me how to accomplish this without the need for more “stumbling around”.

Thank you!


I’ve reached out to our Documentation Team to respond. I believe there are plans to provide greater detail assembled in a single location for easier access, but they will offer more on this. :slight_smile:

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1.7.00 I had already tried that and it didn’t work, and now it worked but I did it another way, I restarted Lightburn and tested it, didn’t work, I restarted again and tested it, the third time it worked.
EDIT: 1.6.00 worked first time.

But C00 kept VirtArray name in both.

I’m still running 1.4.05 on Win11. Just this morning, I reset my defaults(all), closed & reopened Lightburn, and checked again. All layers remained at default.

Only hiccup was a single layer I had renamed prior to the reset kept its override name. I manually changed the name back to “C03”, closed & reopened, and it kept the “C03”…so apparently the “reset to default” ignores layer names. Or did in my version.

I don’t like updating, I was still on 1.3.01 but as the new laser was having speed problems I updated to 1.7.00.
I was happy :crying_cat_face:

Edit: Version 1.6.00, 1.7.00, Checked now C00 layer default name VirtArray.
1.6.00 C13 default SpirralPattern
1.7.00 C05 default Les_svinčnik
1.7.00 C15 default Horz .5

Seems the names are kept.

Edit 2: draw a square to layerC00

  • MakeDefault Make Default For All
  • close lightburn
  • reopen Lightburn
  • Draw a square to C00 Name VirtArray Are kept

EDIT: If then I change C00 name from VirtArray to C00 and click Make Default, it remains C00.

This isn’t something we currently have available, but I can see where it would be helpful both for layer settings and for settings more broadly throughout LightBurn. I won’t be able to make it happen immediately, but I’m adding it into our to-do list to make sure it doesn’t get forgotten.


Thanks @JackieG!

Defined 6000mm/m 20% power default for all layers.

But…, twenty five days later they’re back. :slightly_smiling_face:

If this is related to an unreleased, beta version you are testing, please post your findings in the appropriate beta post. Helps us track current efforts, and does not potentially confuse existing users that may not have a feature being tested during the beta process. Thank you kindly. :slight_smile:

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