Dodecahedron created in LB

(Asim Farooq) #1

Was really a pain to put together but the end result floored the customer. Was fun to see the awe struck look in the faces of the family.

(Doug Fisher) #2

Really nice work, Asim.

(Sommerset) #3

thats pretty cool! whats it sewn together with?

(Asim Farooq) #4

Its tiny birch pieces painted white to blend in with the natural birch. The laser burn was distracting the eye away from the work. :slight_smile:

(Nath James) #5

Wow! That’s amazing! Well done.

(William Nichols) #6

Excellent job. Can I ask what you are using for the lights inside, I don’t see a power cord.

(Fred Hoeppner) #7

Wow, that’s amazing. I thought it was a stitch of some king also until you said it was wood and I zoomed in on the picture. That makes it even cooler. What’s the math to make the angles? 360 divided by numbers of side or something?

(Asim Farooq) #8

@billn I used LED light and if you look carefully, you will see a white cord. :slight_smile:

(Asim Farooq) #9

@DrFred I tried to figure it out but was starting to get really confused so ended up using the ever “trusting” google to find a solution. pulled the concept in to LB and built it out the way I wanted it. Next time, I might start off in Corel b/c it got a little difficult trying to line up the objects correctly.

(Belinda) #10

Great work, really love it.

(BrutalVisualStudio) #11

Nice design … excellent work!

Really cool… :slight_smile: