Does anybody know the name of the connector type Ruida is using for the RT-link?

I want to hook up my laser power supply to my Ruida controller. Both support RT-Link. Unfortunately I don’t t have the green connector that goes into the RT-link connection on the Ruida 6445S.

It’s slightly smaller than the other 3 pin connectors.

Does anybody know the name of this type of connector so I can order it at Mouser, Digikey or Farnel?


Phoenix contact makes these and they are sold by Newark and other electronic supply houses:

Wow, is RT Link documented somewhere? What all does it actually do?

These are where I ordered mine for the U axes which were 3 pin.

They should be the same as the other 3 pin connectors on the Ruida.


Yes, that’s the one! Thanks!

Unfortunately they are not, it seems they are the 3POS STR 3.81MM type.

Curious, tell more please :thinking::blush::sunglasses:

RT-link is a digital connection between your Laser PSU and your Ruida controller to display technical details (voltage, current, errors, etc) on your Ruida display.

(See area B)

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This looks like it

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