Does anyone have the RDLC-V15.01.10 Firmware for RDC6445G DSP?

Hello all,

after updating my firmware yesterday to the new RDLC-V15.01.18 version on my RDC6445G DSP my
Autofocus isn’t working anymore (the “Focus” button on the HMI doesn’t do anything other than a short beep). I have already contacted RuiDa directly regarding this but due to the current Chinese National Day holydays there most certainly will not be any answer soon (if any). So I would like to downgrade back to my previous version “RDLC-V15.01.10” but can’t find my last firmware files (I’m sure I had a backup of it but can’t find it after having moved to a new location).

So long story short: does anyone can provide me with the old firmware as an interims solution (the RDLC-V15.01.10)? Or does anyone even had the same issue with the focus with the new firmware and can help me with that?

Thank you all in advance!


Best I can do is .15. I stuck it in my Google Drive Mod Pics. It’s down in the middle.

Thank you very much! I will try it out and see what will happen.

As far as I can read the newest manual from RuiDa regarding the RDC6445G they have added some new Z-Axes handling that I probably can’t access without a new HMI (and they also offer a new HMI version that apparently no one can actually upgrade to at the moment).

The “Focus” button is working again as expected, thank you very much! :smiley:

The HIM update is in RDWorks… but it doesn’t work unless your HMI is already at a certain level. .07 sticks in my mind, but I’d have to go back through my emails from Ruida to confirm. Before that version you have to have a special and very high dollar dongle to update the HMI.

Okay, good to know. The last HMI on their webpage is HMI-V10.01. 07 (from April 2020) and the one I currently have is HMI-V10.01. 04.

Had a discussion with them via Cloudray on the HMI updating. The HMI updates are not very critical, They are pretty much wording / language and layout upgrades unless there is a major feature change.

If I remember right, I’m on .05. And after a bit of back and forth, they finally admitted the need for the dongle unless you were .07 or better. Nice of them to put that info with the upgrade, huh?

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