Does anyone know what the focus distance is on the MR20 Module?

I was looking into purchasing a MR20 laser module and would like to know what the focus distance is (from the material) as well as the laser tolerance? (the R30v2 gets faded a mm out of focus)

Also, if you have a PDF manual that would be awesome to see!


The only way to focus a fiber is to crank it up and down and listen for the loudest sound.

Do you know what lens/focal length is on that machine?


The spec are in the manual, which is available on the manufacturer website.

The manual isn’t listed on atomstacks website that I’m aware of.

I have no idea

I’ve searched for it a few times and can find very little. If you’ve found it, I’d like to read through it. A link would be great.

Even their sites search mechanism return nothing for even a users manual. They must have something somewhere…

This is directly related to focal length. Shorter the lens, the more shallow the depth of field. A good to know is the beam size before it strikes the lens.

I can’t find anything that gives me any information on beam input diameter, it’s depth of field or the focal length of the supplied lens. Or if you can even change to a different length lens.

What is your intended use?

Good luck


My intended use is engraving on plastics, and engrave/cut on brass/copper/aluminum.

I finally found a decent video on the iKier brand of the same laser module.

It looks like the focus distance is about 4 inches/100mm. Still no idea on the focus dropoff on curved materials.

IKier K1 Pro 1064nm 20W Fiber Laser review

Try these

2) If there is a malfunction with the red light indicator and it is inconvenient to check the focal distance through
overlapping red lights, you can adjust the focal distance through fixed focus method (distance from laser end face to
the measured object: 96.1mm/94.1mm).

Interesting here, they imply the module must be on M3 mode?
3) If there are no traces or uneven energy in the engraved vector lines:
a) Check if the laser is in the focal position.
b) Confirm if it is operating in M3 constant power mode.

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Thank you gilaraujo! This answers all my questions!

i actually took some time to read on it
Quite some complex and interesting machine, you will have some good learning experience.

Only thing lacking, or that i didnt see is maintenance

Looks like you found it. Yes, Atezr, Atomstack, & Ikier all sell the same thing. I didn’t know the Atomstack site didn’t have it listed. I downloaded and read thru the Ikier manual a couple months ago. Seems odd that the parent site (Atomstack owns Ikier) wouldn’t have it, but whatever.

One of the standard lenses with the Chinese machines seems to be either a 1.5, 2 or 4" lens. 4" is 101.6mm. That gives it about 5mm between the it and the laser end face.

The depth of field or focus is on this chart…

I don’t know what the beam diameter, which is in the denominator of the focus area…

Should give you some kind of idea…

I suspect a ramp test would be the best way… That would be specific to that machine and the most accurate.


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