Does Camera work on Windows 7

For reference, the win7 laptop that I’m using successfully is always up to date on Windows updates.

Can anyone please confirm the program name and source for the driver that is needed to get the LB camera working in Windows 7?

Scroll up. There’s a link.

@Blake - in that post barrie says “I am NOT SURE, but i think it was…” so I’m asking if anyone has confirmed the link leads to the correct driver.

Those are what I used.

blake confirmed this for us all, but realistically it would seem sensible to move to win8 or later as win8 has this driver installed as a standard component.



Yeah, I should probably have IT just upgrade it to Win10.

Thanks barrie & Blake. The Win7 is my main CAD desktop and I don’t to risk screwing it up unnecessarily while I briefly test the camera. The final machine will be a Win 10 notebook but (long story), I can’t test with that for a while.


Another one with a working camera on Win7. Mine is a ELP Aptina 5mp USB500W05G-FV , and it worked well once plugged on W7 with no driver installation. Lightburn works well. The only issue is the overlay don’t show the whole bed while the camera windows does.

Well I guess I am in the boat with other users who have Windows &. I never paid much attention to it before I ordered the camera. It cam in today and was excited to use the camera. BAM nothing, found this thread and tired to update the driver…not enough storage to update. So now I am stuck with a camera that doesn’t work. Anyone have any other ideas? Other than a new computer…

“Not enough storage to update”? That just sounds like your C: drive is full. You should be able to run the disk cleanup and regain enough space to fix that.

I’ll try that… thanks very much

Well…that didn’t work. Hate to ask…but will you accept a return of a camera? I don’t have the extra funds available to drop on a $500.00 laptop right now. According to my IT friend I need at least a I5 processor to run everything that I run.

I think you need a new IT friend. There are people running LightBurn just fine on very low power machines. The error you got is probably due to being out of disk space or something like that, and not a defect of the camera.

I’d recommend working to fix the issue on your existing computer instead of giving up.

I’ve cleaned the disc a couple of time. Have 209 mb space open and it still will not do it. I’m stumped…

Perhaps you need more than 209 mb disk space free?

That’s a very good possibility…but I can’t find out how much I need in order to install the drivers.

After much moaning and groaning, looking at new computers etc… I executed the sames 2 files, and the camera worked. Tanks

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With 209 mb of free space on C, Windows doesn’t run properly. Virtual disk will eat it and windows will fail working. Even can ruin your work. Make free space on C NOW. Get cCleanner free and let it do it’s Job. Also use it to locate old programs and uninstall them.
In addition, you can change your HD and clone your SO as is to a new and higer SSD . That will boost a lot your PC performance for only $30. Just check before that your current disk is SATA and your BIOS allows it.
For $30 more you can also add more RAM as Windows eats as much as you put in. (On 32 bits Windows only 4 GB are adresable)
Lightburn really behaves well on old hardware with Win7

I used another link that was provided in this thread. Just had to run a couple of exe files that were included in that download and the camera worked flawless.