Does LB overcome the EZCAD limit of 6-revolutions of the rotary?

My EZCAD2 s’ware will not spin the rotary more than 6-revolutions. I don’t know what’s special about 6 full turns. But the limit is definitely there (see LightBurn Users - Has LB overcome the EZCAD 6-revolution limit? - YouTube for description of issue). It’s the one thing that bugs me about EZCAD2. Doe’s anyone know why EZCAD2 behaves this way?

Most rotaries are simply the Y axes rotating instead of the head moving.

Why is this a limitation?

More important why would you want to do this?

Do you think it should be infinite?


Thx, Jack. My galvo head is fixed. But I get what you are saying.
I have an application in mind. I need this function badly enough
to seek out a custom programming solution.

Infiniite, I don’t have an infinite application as of now. But infinite,
in the sense that I don’t ever want to run into a limit, yes. Are you
familiar with this limitation in EZCAD2 ?


Not familure with Ezcad, but I know how these work and it will be difficult to do what you ask… if these controller work the way my regular laser controller works.

It has to count, so it will depend on how big of an step the controller can hold.

I’ll use the Ruida for an example… It has a max range of 10000. That’s the biggest number it can handle, so the engraving cannot exceed that maximum. But it’s usually configured for a certain size work area. Mine is basically 500 x 300 mm. When it boots, it knows it can’t exceed that.

If I I did set the size to 10000, I could only move the rotary in ONE direction, but I can move it 10000mm.

I can’t move it backward at all from the 0, 0 position. So there is a count, probably with the fibers controller. I don’t know that limit, but it’s probably set somehow.

This is where things could differ, The galvo system must have some kind of internal ‘limit’ to what the galvo can be ‘told’ to do, if you follow. If the galvo has a 300mm square area, what stops the software from telling it to go to 350mm? Usually these are in the controller and they are there to prevent damage to the machine.

If the rotary is configured for more ‘distance’ maybe you can make it work they way you wish. The problem with most of these Chinese devices is there doesn’t seem to be much information on programming them and how they actually work.

This might be a good question for the @LightBurn people, as they deal with these controllers and have some insight on how they operate and maybe what’s possible.

It might help them if you can explain what you are trying to accomplish. The only use I’ve ever thought of is a barber shop type spiral…

Sorry I could not be of more help…


I really want to move from ezcad to LB. But I must wait until it can support my BJ JCZ controller board. Am hoping that won’t be much longer.

Thanks for sharing. I’ve’d never reached out to the @LightBurn folks. Will give it a try.

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