Does LightBurn have a scale function for the items drawn?

I have been using a laser to create model railroad buildings for 10 years using a standard CAD program. The interface to the laser was thru a driver (to the computer it was a printer) and not directly communicating with the laser as LightBurn does.

I will be getting a new laser and a friend brought LightBurn to my attention to look at to use.

I have always drawn in 1:1 scale (full size) not the scale that the item will be in. I would have the computer reduce the item to the required scale.

The little time I have used LightBurn it appears that the program has a border that is the size of the workbed of the laser that can’t be crossed.

thank you

You can use the numeric edits toolbar to directly resize your part. Enter the target dimensions or use the scale %. Clicking the lock icon will preserve aspect ratio of the part when transforming.

While LightBurn will show you the workspace of your laser it does not constrain parts to within the boundary of the workspace. You can draw arbitrarily large. I don’t know what scale you’re working in. I have not tried what you’re attempting so there may be some practical issues with working at 1:1 but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t technically work.

[EDIT] I’ve played with this a little bit and one issue may potentially be with the max zoom-out that LB supports. If you’re working with objects larger than 1600 ft / 500 m wide or so you may not be able to see the whole thing on screen at once. You’ll need to pan in order to see the whole object.

I often bring in images and dxf’s way larger then the border. Scale or size as @berainlb indicates above.

I am working in a trial version of LB 1.2.01 without any setups.

I just drew a 324" x 1350" rectangle. I had to go to the “Shape Properties” to input the size of the height. The “Numeric Edit” has a max number that can be input of 780. Can this limit be increased?

I’ve never run into that limit. I think the actual limit is based on metric values. Looks like 20000 mm. I suspect this is not something that can be changed on the user side at least.

Looks like shape properties or manual sizing does allow for larger sizes but does not update the numeric edits toolbar.

@LightBurn Can you confirm?

How can I confirm?

Does this mean I have found something that needs updating in the next program update.

I did do a test by inputting a full size tower then scaling it down with the “numeric edit toolbar” . The results were correct when I input the new width but the height showed 780 not 1350

Sorry. I was asking Oz (the creator of LightBurn) if he could confirm the findings. That’s what the @LightBurn is for.

I suspect your workflow is fairly unique so the LightBurn folks would need to determine if this is something they would want to support or change the program for.

We have to choose “reasonable” limits for the numeric entry boxes. Since I’ve never seen a laser with a 20 meter workspace, I figured that would be a reasonable limit.

Floating point numbers store 23 bits of precision, which is about 7 decimal digits. The number 20000.00 can be represented with full precision, but if you tried to use 20,000.002 it would truncate the fractional part off, because it needs more “upper range” to represent the scale of the number.

The simplest solution to your issue would be to work in mm, and pretend they’re inches, or just work in 1/10th scale as a starting point.

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