Does LightBurn have Excel integration?

So i need to create ~500 individual party favors where each one has a unique name on it. This is for a seating assignment where a name will be engraved on each piece to show people where their seat is for a formal dinner. I have a list of all the attendees in excel and was wondering if there was a way to populate the names from excel into specific spots on the pieces being cut from a larger sheet in LightBurn without having to do it manually (typing each name where it needs to be). I don’t think that my fingers would appreciate that very much lol

There’s no direct integration between LightBurn and Excel but you can use Variable Text in LightBurn with a CSV file generated from Excel to transfer data.

Variable Text in LightBurn - LightBurn Software Documentation


This is so cool! I am going to need a bigger laser table.


Thank you so much for that info!

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