Does Lightburn make Ruida Controllers compatible with iMacs?

FYI: I’m completely new to laser cutters.

I haven’t purchased a laser cutter yet, but I want one that has a Ruida control. During my research the specifications all state Windows compatible only.
So I had plans to eventually pick up a Windows laptop to run the laser using Lightburn; until today when I discovered my current Mac is too old to run Adobe Illustrator. My goal was to learn and practice using Adobe Illustrator and Lightburn until Covid restrictions are lifted and then I can test out my creations and ideas at a couple of MakerSpaces before taking the plunge and buying a laser.

So before I make any kind of purchases, I want to confirm with 100% certainty that I understand how these systems work together.

Does Lightburn make all “Windows Only” laser controllers compatible with Mac?

One option I’m entertaining is buying a new iMac for the family that I can use to create images in Adobe Illustrator and use this old iMac (version 10.12.6 mid 2011) to run the laser with the use of Lightburn.
Or should I just forget using a Mac with the laser and get a Window PC?

I know that eventually this Mac will be even more obsolete and I would like to limit the computer purchases going forward.


Yes, the reason Ruida’s are often listed as Windows only is because their standard control software (RDWorks) is Windows only. You will be able to use a Ruida from Mac with no problems.
Performance should be decent even with a 2011 Mac (especially since it sounds like you’d be using the newer machine for design and the old one mostly for controlling the laser). Plenty of people do very similar setups with an old cheap computer being the thing that actually controls the laser.

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@rvida I’m new to the game (only one day in) but I can assure you LightBurn does work with Mac. I am currently running my laser with a 2013 MacBook air and had no issues connecting (that was the easy part) now come fun learning all of the other things such as speeds and power leveles. :slight_smile:

Lightburn works perfectly with Mac, I have it on 2 and 1 on a windows machine.

Lightburn dont make controllers at all, they only make software.

Yes Ruida is compatible with Lightburn and they charge more for it. Also remember that Ruida controllers are based on the machine and are not computer dependent, you can have them networked or you can run them from a SD card.

that amongst other things is the benefit, youre not dependent on the computer, you just load the job file to the controller and the Ruida brain takes over as I understand it.

It means no usb cable and I believe there is even a wifi version now so zero cables. much better.

as to the differences between Ruida and GRBL I cant explain that not having a Ruida controller yet… next on the list…

Hope I have given you the right info, I am sure someone will correct me if not.

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