Does LightBurn support take Fridays/Weekends off?

So I purchased a LightBurn license this morning around 9 am and its now around 6pm and I still haven’t gotten an email with my license key. I am in the middle of trying to make a few orders and not having access is killing me! (I should have purchased before my trial ran completely out, I know!). I emailed the support email around 10 am and still haven’t gotten a response.

Im wondering, does the team providing support take Fridays and/or the weekends off? I would hate to have to wait until Monday before someone is able to get back to me.

I have checked my junk folder and no license key. I got a confirmation email with my order number so I know I provided the correct email address. Maybe I have just been overlooked and should email again? Help?!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We see your email and the issue with your order, one of our team will be replying with further details shortly. :slight_smile:

I wish! But as a very small company, we do appreciate your understanding that response times are tied to volume, and we try to identify the expectation we will respond within 24 hours. :slight_smile:

Support got back to me and apparently if you pay with PayPal, and have the payment come directly from your checking account, PayPal considers this an “echeck” which can take up to 5 days to clear. LightBurn does not send the license key until payment has cleared. Thankfully they did extend my trial so I won’t be without the software until the payment clears. I have paid with PayPal many times and never had this happen before, so this is good to know for future reference!

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Thanks for this update.

Of course. :wink: We want you to enjoy your decision and appreciate your support. Thank you and welcome.

I also never knew that about Paypal. I use it all the time and the item ships immediately so I assumed they got the funds. I thought it was more like a debit credit card, which you get your purchase right away.
Also not sure why in 2022 it takes 5 days for the money to clear. Its not like they are dealing with a paper check.
it would be very convenient for the vendor to give you a heads up that the purchase would be delayed when using Paypal.

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