Does not cut inner object first when inside an engraved area

Running into an issue where LB does not cut the inner object first if that inner object is inside of an area that is engraved. Any Ideas on this?

Image is imported as a .dxf I then select the areas that I want engraved leaving the other lines as cut. Red area is engraved.

If I turn off the engraving layer, it cuts the inner items first. But once the engrave layer is active the inner items are cut last.

Mac OS Mojave
LB 9.07

Can you show your optimization settings? Make sure you have “Cut inner shapes first” enabled.

It is, that was one of the first things I thought of too. If I swap the rectangle and circle (Engrave the circle and cut the rectangle around it, it indeed cuts the inner rectangle. and if I turn off the red layer its okay also.

Click Edit > Select open shapes. Does it select anything? If it doesn’t, email the file to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and I’ll have a look. I’d like to see why it’s happening.

I believe I tried that earlier with no results. (Away from computer for a while) I sent the file earlier today just in case.

Thanks for looking at this. It’s just odd.

I can send the original dxf also if needed.


Thanks for looking at this. It is truly appreciated.

This is now fixed and will be in the next release.

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Thanks!! It’s time for me to renew too!!

If the shapes are open can this be sorted from within Lightburn.

It does its best to figure this out, even with open shapes - If you have something that’s a single loop, really close to being closed, it generally works correctly. If you have something like a circle that’s cut in half, and the two halves aren’t connected, then it doesn’t do as well. Your best bet in these cases is to use the auto-join tool (Tools > Auto Join) or manually connect / close the shapes using the node editing tools.

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