Does this affect Camera Alignment?

Hey there!

Just going through some camera setup and when I got to the alignment, I run the laser to run the target marker image. For some reason on 1 it looks like the attached image where the cross hair doesn’t line up. Is this normal? Is this an issue in my laser mirror alignment? Any insight is greatly appreciated.

I went through the full alignment process and it seems pretty well aligned. But I want to go through the whole process again just to be sure. Figured I would ask about this here before I do the Calibration and Alignment over again.

Thank you!

That looks like the machine slipped between the fill pass and the marking pass - have you had that happen before?

You also have your power up a little too high, but that won’t hurt it.

Hey Oz! Thank you, will adjust the power down the next time.

As for the slipping… in the 2 times I have run the Alignment both seemed to turn out the same 1 and 2 seem to slip the most, 3 a little and the 4 seems perfect. I haven’t seen slipping on any projects, but honestly I haven’t used the machine much as I just got it.

Any idea what could be the cause of the slipping? Is that belt tension that needs tightening? Thanks again for your time!


I think 4 is engraved last and marked first, so it makes sense that one would be closest. It could be idle speed or acceleration (move speed between cuts). Run a few simple tests like a few circles around the bed set to Fill, and then a few circles around those set to Line, to see how things line up.

If you just got the machine it might need some tweaking.

Thank you! Will try that. I will start another thread with results to see about tweaks based on how the results turn out. Thank you again, really appreciate it!


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