Does Vector fill observe the speed and power settings?

I have been having challenges with alignment and stability/flexibility with my Ortur LM2, and as part of the investigation ran a test piece as a vector fill, then converted to a bitmap. Ostensibly these two jobs are the same data, and the same settings. When I converted the vector the s/w asked if I wanted the same settings, to which I agreed. As you can see, the vector is much darker, and seemed to scan much faster than the raster. Sure, the vector is drawing one letter at a time, so is likely to appear faster, but why would the letters be so much darker - as I say, these are, apparently, the same settings. I find it disturbing. Don’t be concerned about the broken letters, that’s the other issue I am trying to resolve with Ortur. Thanks for any input available. Oh, can’t add my picture, :unamused:

I have bumped your account, you should be able to copy and paste, or drag and drop inline, or use the ‘Upload’ provided in this editor window. image

What software and what settings are you referring to here?

Thanks for bump. Software - Lightburn, :slight_smile: settings 2200 80 254dpi Stuki

I was asking what software is asking you if “I wanted the same settings, to which I agreed.” You did not answer this.

The settings for your vector work may be different from that used to get similar results when lasing a raster image. Using a testing matrix to see what the different settings produce on different materials is always a helpful exercise.

As a side, you provide current LightBurn settings ( settings 2200 80 254dpi Stuki), I assume the first number is intended to be a ‘speed’ setting. This is not a speed. Speed is distance over time. 2000, I assume, is some distance, but no reference to how much time is provided to travel said distance. You need to provide both. :wink:

Pardon my error. I took the word ‘speed’ here and … so my settings are 2200, 80, 254 dpi.
Screenshot 2021-08-22 at 20.19.59
The other error about ‘accepting same settings’ came from the window which popped up when I asked Lightburn to rasterise the text,

thank you.

It’s speed, but it’s also indicates if it’s mm or inches and per minute or second for a time period. You didn’t supply us with the screen shot until 20 minutes ago… :frowning:

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