Doing an array with variable text, on a path, breaks text on a path

Soo happy to get into using the variable text feature for some plastic tags with curved text serial numbers engraved and your online pdf documentation is great to work it all out.

The variable text as “text on a path” works fine individually but when I apply an array in horizontal, vertical or both and also in circular, it shows fine on screen but as soon as test is pressed or preview, the text is broken from the path (and straightened in the process) and is displaced below the path. The original one that the array is based off is unaffected and works fine but all those in the array are broken. The incremental serial numbers work but now the text is straight not curved as it was on the original.
What am I doing wrong?

latest version 0.9.07, windows 10 pro (Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362)
on a surface pro

Array operations don’t work with text on a path yet - it’s being worked on, but it’s quite complicated to figure out which pieces need to be copied and associated, and make it all undoable.

I had a similar experience, but with moving an array of text and paths. As the group was moved, the text out-distanced the paths! It was solved by converting the text to paths and then grouping/creating the array.

Ok, thanks for the heads up @LightBurn Oz, i will then modify my design so just the variable text bit is straight.
Thanks for quick response and the awesome work you guys are doing!

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