Dollar Store Stone

I want to drill a hole and etch an icon on this stone. Do I use the drill press at Makerspace to drill the hole and then use their laser to etch the icon. I experimented with slate with some success. Would I use approximately same speed/power to etch this stone as I did on slate?

you’ll want to find a diamond encrusted bit, as I think an ordinary carbide masonry bit will not do as you require. For best results, embed the stone in modeling clay with walls high enough to hold water for cooling and dust supression.

I’ve engraved on ordinary stone with my 60W laser with pretty good results. If you’ve done slate, your figures are a good starting location. I was surprised how well stone engraves with low power settings. Also, if you start low, you can just run the job a second time to get deeper and then kick the numbers up for the next run.