Done Marking out IO

I tried everything, but can’t get working “Done Marking” Output
Board on OC with 24V supply following to LMCV4-Fiber notes
The inputs of Start Marking and Door Protect works very well.

The done marking signal is very short - but there is a forthcoming extension on the output on time. What are you trying to drive with the signal?

Thank you for your feedback
I’ve build a laser enclosure with a PLC and automated part handling…
On con5 I connected the power supply of the PLC GND to Pin6, 24V to Pin3 and the PLC-Input to Pin1
The PLC input has a 3ms filter, a pulse of 10ms should pass thru.
Even when setting to Low, I cant sense any input at all.

The pulse is currently 10ms - so if you have the ability to probe that short of a pulse you should be able to find it on your IO. Again, a forthcoming release will expand on this pulse duration but I’m unable to provide a timeline as to when that will be.

Hm, but should’nt the output level change to high when no output occurs and I set to “Low” as output?
I even can’t detect this.