Don't K of where to post here or c3d

Problem I am having now with lightburn is error 8 but it homes normal.

It starts to burn but after a few moves it stops dead

I have swopped back to soothieware same problem

All my leads are tight

This is something the board is telling you (and I’m guessing it’s “Alarm 8” not “Error 8”, as those are quite different. Since you’ve posted this on the C3D forum as well, and it’s likely a wiring or board settings issue, I’ll let them handle it.

I found the problem

After removing g the driver and reinstalled the firmware to no evail I bought a new printer lead did that fix the problem no

It was software based no fault of lightburn may I add or me by that matter try a 7 year old sneak g on dads laptop say g I’m going make a dinassore.

The little rat deleted those two out of the box

I am happy to say it’s working again

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