Doorway trouble

What 80 watt laser can fit through a 28 inch wide doorway with taking the legs off ?

I got a red&black 80 watt through a 28-3/4" opening by taking legs off and standing it on end. It fit with a little bit of clearance.
You can probably get one through a 28" opening. It might take some KY and a running start…

What brand who did you get it from?

Orion Motor Tech. Got it from Amazon.

Hi Tim. I had to bring my 80W black+red up an 25" staircase!

I took the base off and prepared a strong piece of plywood using it almost like a sled with the machine on it’s side. This created a nice and safe transport piece.
I installed a piece of 1" plywood onto the base and mounted the machine to that plywood, changing the metal screws to appropriate woodscrews.
Because what comes up has eventually come down again I know when the day comes it will be easier to manage.
There is some dismantling inside the machine involved to get to all the metallacrews the Chinese use to connect the machine to the base.
The machine is back together and waiting for me to calibrate the honeycomb bed with the 4 beltdriven posts for the electric up and down of Z.
I hope that helps.