Dots or lines, focus issue or something else?

Might be a silly question, but why do get lines rather than dots when engraving. It seems Lightburn creates lines and not dots?1? Doesn’t matter the speed or setting. It even show up in the preview. Any ideas?? Is this a focus issue? They why dose the preview show line? :slight_smile:image image image

You laser produces a continuous beam, and is moved in a line while turning it on & off to produce output. If the DPI is set small enough, you’ll end up with a “line” that is the same length as the beam is wide, IE a dot. For any DPI lower than that, the output will look like a line. Also, dithering produces many pixels that are next to each other that are the same (on or off) so the software just leaves the beam on (or off) for that sequence of pixels.

The preview looks like it does because it’s showing you the path the laser will take. It doesn’t attempt to draw physically accurate output as it’s just meant to preview the path the laser will take.

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