Dotted lines as option

i like to see when draw a line in lightburn it could be dotted.
when making wedding cards or enveloppes it would be nice to laser a dotted or short lined line too for folding using the point (.)symbol but is hard and much work.


Cool! Is this new? I never noticed it before.

Been there a long time. Can’t say what version, but I’m sure it’s been more than a year since I first found and used it.

LOL, I was curious enough to look through the updates list:

yes do know that function and it fo keep that the object not fall out of the project,but maby can use in a seperate layer but then its not visible in draw project.

We offer an alternative solution for that called ‘Tabs / Bridges’: Redirecting...

Dotted lines can be generated for any path shape using what is known as ‘Perforation Mode’ as @Hank points out. You will not see this reflected in your workspace, but the effect is clearly visible from the ‘Preview’ window.

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